Vacancies @ Bayer

Crop Science - VacanciesExpiry Date 
Field Trial Operations Manager - Isando (PDF, 415KB)21 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Master Data Team Leader - Nigel (PDF, 392KB)21 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Product Development Manager - Horticulture - Isando (PDF, 505KB)21 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Product Development Manager - Potatoes & Vegetables - Isando (PDF, 506KB)21 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Product Development Manager - Row Crops - Isando (PDF, 506KB)21 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Area Sales Manager - Northern Cape (PDF, 469KB)14 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Master Data Coordinator - Nigel (PDF, 391KB)31 October 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Field Marketing Coordinator – Developing Agriculture - Isando (PDF, 387KB)11 October 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Animal Health - VacanciesExpiry Date 
Independent Sales Agent - Urban Region - Pretoria (PDF, 349KB)25 October 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Regional Sales Manager - Western Region - Cape Town (PDF, 335KB)17 October 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
QA GMP Auditor - Isando (PDF, 339KB)27 October 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Brand Manager - CAP - Isando (PDF, 390KB)19 December 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Independent Sales Agent - East Region (PDF, 405KB)19 December 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Country Platform - VacanciesExpiry Date 
Supply Chain - Logistics Controller - Isando (PDF, 445KB)19 December 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Purchaser EMO-Fleet-Corp Operations - Isando (PDF, 385KB)14 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Phumelela Graduate Programme - Isando (PDF, 347KB)8 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Procurement - Purchaser Technical - Nigel (PDF, 331KB)7 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Purchaser Direct Material & Packaging - Nigel (PDF, 387KB)14 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Quality Assurance Manager - Isando (PDF, 338KB)12 July 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Business Controller - Isando (PDF, 365KB)23 October 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
CATS Trainee Programme - Isando (PDF, 295KB)8 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Consumer Health - VacanciesExpiry Date 
Medical Advisor - Isando (PDF, 456KB)15 January 2018VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Rx Sales Representative - KZN (PDF, 417KB)5 January 2018VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Rx Sales Representative  - Pta North (PDF, 416KB)31 October 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Pharmaceutical - VacanciesExpiry Date 
Brand Manager - Isando (PDF, 335KB)12 January 2018VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Brand Manager - Isando (PDF, 335KB)12 January 2018VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Medical Science Liaison Radiology - Isando (PDF, 427KB)11 January 2018VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Oncology Brand and Customer Manager - Isando (PDF, 364KB)16 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Betaferon Registered Nurse - Isando (PDF, 389KB)16 October 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Medical Advisor - Womans Health and Radiology - Isando (PDF, 427KB)21 August 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Medical Advisor – General Medicine - Isando (PDF, 426KB)21 August 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Quality Assurance Pharmacist - Isando (PDF, 336KB)29 September 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Brand Manager Long Acting Contraception - Isando (PDF, 388KB)3 November 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Sales Representative - Endocrinology - Isando (PDF, 337KB)11 January 2018VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Sales Representative - Long Acting Contraception - Isando (PDF, 390KB)11 January 2018VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Environmental Science - VacanciesExpiry Date 
Technical Coordinator - Isando (PDF, 356KB)25 October 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON
Regulatory Affairs Officer - Isando (PDF, 386KB)17 August 2017VANCANCYAPPLYBUTTON